Thursday, April 8, 2010

Suzanne and Alan...

Suzanne and Alan are friends. Well, now they are after shooting their wedding. They are the sweetest, nicest people you could meet and by the end of the day Alan was stood with a feather boa round his head, hands in the air, eyes shut singing "I neveeeer.... I neveeeeeer... I... neveeeeerrrrrr" (The Killers) :)
They were married at the Bedford Lodge Hotel in Suffolk and although it was a bit nippy the sun was out to celebrate with us! It was a lovely intimate ceremony with just close family and friends and both Suzanne and Alan didn't stop beaming the whole day! They had been through a bit of a rough patch leading up to the wedding with a redundancy and at one point even considered cancelling the wedding so it was so lovely to see them become Husband and Wife.... sod you recession!
This is probably the most traditional style wedding I've done so far but Suzanne and Alan's attitude really did it for me. You could just see how much they love each other and their families and I felt really proud of them for sticking with it and planning it regardless. I really admire that.
By the time the evening guests were arriving we had The Photo Booth in full swing and by the end of the night me and Suzanne were sat on the floor, drink in hand talking about anything and everything and Pete and Alan were on the dance floor doing air guitar to Bon Jovi. Job done me thinks.

This is Suzanne's Mum and Dad... how bloomin' cute are they! (I promiseI didn't tell them to write that)

Thank you Suzanne and Alan for letting me share your wonderful day. I hope there are many happy days ahead for you both xxxxx

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