Wednesday, February 9, 2011

molly & liam

I met Molly and Liam in a london pub quite a while ago now but I do remember chatting about the same music and films that we loved... (anyone who loves Garden State has the thumbs up from me!).. and at the time it felt like their wedding was so far away so when we were driving down to Slough on the 30th December I couldn't believe how quickly the time had gone!
I pulled up to Stoke Place and as I walked in to reception and up to Molly's room I couldn't stop looking around.... Stoke Place is... beauuuuuuutiful! The decoration, the light, the feel... it was an absolute pleasure to photograph and you would never think that the ceremony was at 4pm in December... it was so lovely and light!
Molly and her bridesmaids were getting ready in the bridal suite and downstairs was a hub of activity with parents and groomsman helping to get things ready before guests started to arrive. When Molly and her bridesmaids were ready Liam was waiting outside for Molly to have their 'first look' and from there we went to meet some very special guests... (right I need to explain here... there is actually a Llama farm next door to Stoke place) so they kindly brought two Llamas over to have some pictures! I must say they were very well behaved but one did keep eyeing up Molly's bouquet!
Just before 4pm we went back inside and the ceremony began... vows were said, a few stood and gave readings and the most friendly of registrars announced them as Husband and Wife! With that everyone was led to the summer house for canapes and drinks and then guests took their seats in the most wonderfully decorated reception. Molly and Liam had chosen a beautiful neutral colour scheme with soft coloured flowers. Guests were given old books as favors and had scrabble letters as place names... it looked stunning! The meal was then followed by wonderful speeches (cried... again) and then the evening was filled with dancing and another very funny photo booth!
Molly and Liam... thank you for letting me share your incredible day... you guys did such a wonderful job and everyone was smiling all day (the sign of a great wedding!)... oh and this was definitely my first time photographing a llama!!
I also want to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Liam as it's his birthday today! (Thursday 10th February) so all together now... 'Haaaaaaaapppy....

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