Tuesday, May 10, 2011

chloe & neil

Chloe and Neil are one of those smoking hot couples who, just by looking at them you know are made for each other....bringing a touch of 50's seaside glamour to the Southend coast, they were married at the gorgeous Westcliff Hotel, Westcliffe-On-Sea on a beautiful hot and cloudless day.
Chloe got ready at her parents house into her stunning Candy Anthony dress and made her way to the hotel where the handsome Neil and all their guests waited. The ceremony was an emotional one with a wonderful exert from Winnie the pooh read immaculately by Chloe's nephew... I think everyone on the front row had a bit of a blub!
After dinner we took a taxi down to the busier part of the seafront and the world famous Southend Pier (Which Neil informed us is the longest pier in the World!) and the pair of them literally stopped traffic and crowds of day trippers on the beach front and in the arcades shouted 'congratulations' to the newlyweds. We stopped off for a quick dance off, a game of 'Guitar Hero' a milkshake and a stroll through the funfair and even managed to bump into the manager of the pier who offered us all free icecreams!
It was such a lovely day... the weather was amazing, everyone was so happy and all their family made us feel so welcome... and we just know that this pair are going to have such a wonderful life together. Thanks Chloe and Neil for letting us share your amazing day... it was fun wasn't it!!! :)

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