Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nifty thrifty...

The best day off has to be a car boot or browsing a charity shop or two.. you simply cannot beat it... these are a few recent purchases.. although one or two high street shops might have also crept in here too... I'm pretty much trying to compensate for the lack of holiday this year I think.. retail therapy for sure...
My bestest recently has to be my pale green fan.. me and my friend Zoe went to the BEST car boot on Wednesday and came back with loads of great stuff.. the fan is beautiful and we both grabbed hold of each other and squealed when we saw it. Zoe also managed to get a typewriter for a quid.. get. in.

1) Blue tool box from etsy 2) 1950's kitchen Dresser from ebay 3) Pale green fan from Car boot 4) Slippers from Accessorize 5) Vintage frames from Car Boots, Charity Shops and my Mum's house 6) Clothes from Topshop & Miss Selfridge 7) Shoes from Charity Shop 8) Typewriter from ebay

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