Friday, December 28, 2012

daniela and steyn {wedding}

The morning of the wedding I met sweet Daniela nervous yet smiling with those huge, incredible eyes.. nervous about what was to come.. walking in to a room full of the people she loves.. people from all parts of her life.. who all love her.. and most of all.. to declare her love to Steyn.

I arrived at the beautiful White Building, watched everyone take their seats.. stood with the full band surrounding me.. Steyn stood beaming waiting for his girl.  I was nervous for her.. but at the same time.. so excited..

Daniela walked in on the arm of her Father.. her smile huge.. matching Steyn's.. and as they came together the band started.. surrounding me with music.. and they sang.. full, uninhibited, passionate voices with so much love.. and you guessed it.. I blubbed.. I was at the very heart of them both.. not just emotionally but by being physically in the centre I couldn't hide from the pure happiness and pure emotion.. I honestly couldn't stop the tears..

I feel so lucky to witness so many different beliefs.. different ceremonies.. so many different ways to declare your love for each other.. but however different there are always some things that are exactly the same.. family... food and so much love..

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