Tuesday, January 15, 2013

our couples

When it comes to emails.. I always find January so exciting. Couples are either newly engaged or are back on the planning bus so getting to chat with new couples who all have exciting and creative plans always gives me butterflies for the year ahead.

Some of these couples will end up being 'our couples' and whenever this happens I always think it's a bit like being a teacher.. (stay with me here).. a teacher has a new class every year and on that first day she will be presented with a register.. a list of unfamiliar names on a piece of paper.. but over the year she gets to know each boy and girl.. their personalities.. who likes what.. she watches them grow and by the end of the year they are like her own.. she knows them so well.. she then watches them move on with their lives but always likes to know what they're up to now and again and always feels so proud to have been a part of their lives somehow.  It might sound stupid but I feel the same with our couples.. the journey starts now with newly engaged emails from unfamiliar names... we then start getting to know each other.. we get to experience the most important day of their lives with them and by the end of their wedding we know them so well.. we then watch them move on.. new houses.. new careers.. babies.. and as silly as it might sound.. we also like to know what they're up to now and again and we always feel so proud to have been a part of their lives somehow..  :)

So here's to the new class of 2013.  I have a feeling it's gonna be a goodun'....

Oh and as it's a new year I thought my Pricing Brochure could do with a re-design.. so here are a few pages.. I must admit.. graphic design is kinda fun.. :)

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