Sunday, April 14, 2013

carpets and families..

Exactly a year ago to the day I walked in to a different family home.. photos on the wall.. mugs of tea on the kitchen side.. and a carpet.. a carpet that held a million memories.. a constant when everything around it changes..

At Hannah and Rich's wedding on Saturday I got chatting with a Gentleman who had lived next door to Hannah's Parents when she was growing up.. they had moved in just before Hannah was born and watched her grow from a little girl.. to a teenager.. to a young lady.  It made me think how quickly time goes.. one minute we're children, the next minute we're getting married and having children of our own.. time goes so fast.  We celebrate births.. birthdays, weddings.. we get together.. we give gifts, we make speeches, we toast, we dance, we cry, we hug, we tell each other how much we love each other..

I look at these two photos and I see so much love, I see joy, I see family, I see history, I see occasion, I see memories, I see a chapter, I see a story..

..and to me that's exactly what makes a wedding..

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