Sunday, May 16, 2010

Molly & Phil

Molly and Phil have the cutest 'getting together' story ever. They were born in the same hospital (Victoria Hospital in Blackpool) and went to the same school together aged 6-7 and Molly was the only girl Phil invited to his 7th birthday party! When they were 10 Molly moved to America and Phil moved to Rutland so they lost contact. Years went by but Phil remembered Molly's name and when facebook came along he decided to try and find her! He requested her as a friend, they emailed, they phoned, they talked some more and the rest is history!
I absolutely love that story... and they deserve every bit of happiness as they are just the sweetest, loveliest couple. We had the nicest afternoon, meeting in gorgeous Barnes, South London walking around the little market and along the river and then stopped for some lunch chatting constantly and enjoying the gorgeous sunshine!
I can't wait to shoot their wedding and can't wait to meet Molly's Mum Kat too. Kat emailed me asking for some advice regarding the wedding (being over in America) and we had such a lovely conversation... I think I'm definitely going to get teary at this one!

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