Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Steve & Evelyne

What do you say when your mentor, the person who you look up to and admire asks "Would you take some shots of me and the Mrs?". Well I know exactly what I said... "Yeah, cool" and at the same time was internally squealing "Oh dear god please let me not do this for at least another year... at least!" I then for about 2 weeks straight told Steve constantly how scared I was until I think I actually talked myself into being a little bit excited about it :)
Now if you know anything about photography in this country you will of heard of Steve Gerrard Photography. Steve shoots absolutely gorgeous weddings by day and then at night he shoots scary bands and I have the absolute pleasure to be able to call him a friend. Not only has he been ridiculously supportive since all this kicked off for me but we also love a lot of the same photographers, seem to be on the same wavelength and can be just as silly as each other. I am silly proud of being able to take some shots of him and his absolutely stunning wife Evelyne (I couldn't get over Evelyne's eyes!) and I really hope they love them. Oh and a huge congratulations to them both for their soon to be new arrival!!! Thank you Steve.... for absolutely everything.

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