Monday, August 9, 2010


Say hello to acupcakesmile.... (aka Lisa)... a few of you might know this little lady from Twitter as she is a lovely support to many of us photographers, leaving lovely comments on our pictures and generally helping out if we have a problem... this is because Lisa loves photography and has started her own little photography journey too which you can check out here!
A little while ago Lisa asked if she could have a portrait session with me and if she could bring her camera (including her Holga) so she came up to Brum and we spent the afternoon chatting about photography and taking some pictures. She's hugely passionate about the subject so we did a lot of talking and also talked about her wedding next year in Vegas which is being photographed by one of my favourite artists/photographers in America, Steep Street (I actually got goose bumps when she told me). It was a lovely day and straight after Lisa started a new job so I hope it's going well girl!!

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