Tuesday, August 24, 2010

michelle & greg

Editing this wedding has been quite an experience. When Michelle and Greg first got in contact they expressed how much they were wanting a low key affair... a gorgeous ceremony then a small reception at Greg's Grandma's house with just close friends and family. It was to be a Jewish ceremony at the London Synagogue and when I arrived my jaw, literally hit the floor. It's a somewhat unassuming building from the outside but it is so, so beautiful inside (hence quite a few pictures of it). I was absolutely transfixed through the ceremony... the whole thing was amazing... the Rabi sang a lot of the ceremony and the traditions were so wonderful to watch... when Michelle entered she had to circle Greg a number of times and then Greg had to stamp on a glass... I was quite emotional through the whole thing.
When we arrived back at the house, at first, I will admit, I was a little taken aback... I was in wedding mode and already Michelle had expressed that she didn't need 'getting ready shots' and here we were with no sit down meal, no speeches, no first dance... you suddenly feel a bit worried... How am I going to take wedding photos?? Well this is one big fat huge lesson learnt... as I've sat editing this wedding I've realised something. You don't need 'getting ready' shots, you don't need speeches, you don't need a sit down meal... you just need people and emotion and however corny it may sound... you need love... and Michelle and Greg have that in abundance. They adore each other.... and Greg adores his Grandma... and that's why they had their reception at her house... they wanted her to be a part of it without having to go too far. I will admit that I don't think I've ever had a game on the Nintendo Wii as part of the reception but why the hell not?? Thank you Michelle and Greg for really opening my eyes and making me think differently. Your wedding was simply beautiful.

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