Monday, November 15, 2010

album love...

When I started we didn't have a lot of money... well, no money actually and suddenly I had a pretty long list of things I 'needed to buy for the business'. I had pretty average equipment, a car that kept breaking down, no 'smart' clothes, no website... so everything seemed so daunting and so out of reach... but, very slowly I started to buy better equipment and god, I appreciated it... it felt a real luxury, like a treat to use, not an essential piece of kit.. it was that little step up the ladder.
My album was also something on my list. I wanted to find an album that really reflected me and my style and everything that I was about. I searched and searched and I finally found it but although sample albums aren't super duper expensive there was always something else.. lenses, memory cards, hard drives... to buy.
So about a month ago I designed my sample album and waited like the most impatient child for it to arrive. I had to pick it up from the post office after getting a 'We called, sorry you weren't in' card through the door and I literally skipped in there. I put the box in my car and looked at it and actually thought.. 'this is a bit of a moment for my little business'... stupid as it sounds, but it was... all the hard work in one little box.
I'm so proud of it. It's MY product. I made it with so much love and I can hold it in my hands and this journey has been a struggle in so many ways but it's a real result... and a really pretty result at that :)

My albums are hand-bound and covered in natural vintage leather. Your images are printed on to beautiful fine-art paper with a quality that will last a lifetime. The print process is a leap forward from traditional methods allowing vivid, rich colours to stand out from the page. The album is presented in a sleeve of natural cotton and stored in a keepsake box. Ohhh yum.

Maximo likes it too :)

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