Monday, November 1, 2010

ray and phil

Well... where on earth do I start with this one??? Maybe my Christmas list which goes something like... Dear Santa, can I have Ray and Phil's flat, their wedding, their friends and family and a bike, love Emma.
Their wedding was beeeeeeaaaaauuuutiful. Ray's dress was another AMAZING Fur Coat No Knickers beauty (thank you girls!) and the gorgeous bridesmaids dresses were sourced at local vintage shops and shoes were sprayed to match their dresses. When I arrived at their flat I was pretty much entering photography heaven with so many gorgeous details including an organ in their bedroom!
Once the girls (and bridesman) were ready everyone made their way to Dulwich College for the ceremony and Ray travelled in style in Phil's Dad's gorgeous pale blue beetle with floral ribbon whilst I arrived a little earlier to catch their guests taking their seats. The ceremony was beautiful with readings from members of their family and guests had an amazing array of old vintage cameras including a polaroid which had to be carefully timed due to the noise of it! After the ceremony their friends were completely up for some more interesting group shots (yey!) and then the wedding party left for the reception venue and we walked across the grounds of the college to get some couple shots with two very large balloons (a present from their friends)!
We arrived at Davy's wine vaults for the reception and I entered the beautifully lit cellar to be greeted with multi-coloured bunting, jugs with assorted flowers and gorgeous floral fabric table numbers which were all either hand made by the girls themselves or gathered from their houses! Another mini photo shoot with just the bridal party followed and then we all headed back down to the cellar, and guests took their seats and tucked in to a gorgeous 3 course meal followed by such wonderful speeches compared by Ray's lovely brother. The evening was then filled with dancing, a very funny photo booth and the most wonderful cake competition where we had to judge cakes made by their guests (ohhhh they were good!).
I've probably missed out a million things that Ray or her friends hand made... oh, oh Ray made the boy's ties... (see I told you)... but I think if you just scroll down you'll see for yourself how talented they all are (you might wanna get a cup of tea and some biscuits for the journey).
But putting all that to one side... there is one thing that stood out for me the most... it was simply the amount of love... between Ray and Phil and from all their friends and family that was really the best part... I'm sure by the end of the day everyone's cheeks hurt from smiling too much (I know their photographers' certainly did).
Ray and Phil... thank you so much for letting me capture your beautiful day. I hope you love your photos as much as I loved taking them... :)

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