Tuesday, October 26, 2010

good challenges

Exactly two years ago today I started my first day of rehearsals with a theatre company called Deafinitely Theatre. It was my biggest ever acting job and it was with a Deaf led theatre company who I had always admired. I'm not gonna lie, when I went to the audition I was bricking it. I could have a basic conversation in BSL but I stood there amongst both Deaf and hearing auditionees who were fluently signing away through the improvisations and felt completely out of my depth.. I don't know how I did it but somehow I got the job. I remember sat on the steps to our rehearsal rooms on that first morning thinking how hard it was going to be and, once again, how out of my depth I felt and I began to smile. It was a good challenge.
The job was amazing beyond anything I could have imagined. We performed at the Soho Theatre in London, we went on a National tour... but my biggest achievement by far was my signing skills. I literally soaked up everything.. watched everyone.. practised everyday and most importantly.. wasn't afraid to make a mistake... and slowly I found myself with two languages and a bunch of new and amazing friends.
At the same time I got a camera for Christmas and I started taking pictures. I loved it and would take my camera everywhere, taking pictures of friends and their kids, taking pictures of my feet, my reflection and lots of my cat! Then some friends of ours asked if I would take some pictures of their wedding.... we had a meeting and before I knew it we were driving up to Yorkshire to take a couple's wedding photos. I'm not gonna lie, I was bricking it. I knew the basics but shot everything on Auto and watched as the day sped past me without any warning and I felt, once again, out of my depth... but I enjoyed it. It was a good challenge. By then I was hooked... I spent hours on the internet soaking up everything... asking questions... practised everyday.. and most importantly... wasn't afraid to make a mistake.. and slowly I found myself with more wedding bookings and a bunch of new and amazing friends.
Looking back now, I know that I thrive when faced with good challenges. I need to put myself in situations where I feel out of my depth and I've proven to myself what I can achieve if I invest time and energy into it and when I'm not afraid to make mistakes along the way. So, I say to anyone... go set yourself some good challenges, feel out of your depth, make some mistakes... you never know what will happen and how many amazing friends you'll make :)

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