Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my boy's birthday...

I love him. I love him with all my heart. Peter has 110% changed my life completely and I absolutely adore everything about him.

10 reasons why I love him so much:
1. He is incredibly handsome. Sometimes he comes out of a shop and I think 'He's cute' and then I realise it's Pete.
2. He is stupidly supportive. He loves listening to everything about the photography, the acting, the sign language and he always wants to be involved.
3. He has the most amazing singing voice and I am always so, so proud when he uses it.
4. He has a thing about words and loves to say certain ones... like bunting and Bob.
5. He's pretty good at impressions (current fav is Ty Pennington and the Iams cat)
6. He makes me boiled eggs.
7. He can thrust (on the dancefloor) better than anyone.
8. He gets on with anyone and will make friends with everyone in an instant.
9. We laugh a lot until we're crying and can't look eachother.
10. He's my best friend.

Happy Birthday Baby!

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