Thursday, March 10, 2011

chloe and neil {Engagement}

Ok I'm gonna be really honest... Engagement shoots scare me. I always see excited tweets from Photographers on their way to an Engagement shoot and I always think... 'Why can't I feel like that?'... instead I just always feel nervous and usually a little bit sick. You see you're meeting one of your couples, maybe for the first time and you have to take pictures of them... and good ones... and make them feel comfortable, and find good light, and use interesting backdrops and not take 4 hours to do it. So I'm always nervous. But then I meet them... and we chat and we take a few pictures and we have a laugh. The time always whizzes by and then we have coffee or stroll back to the tube and I'm not nervous anymore... I'm excited.... excited to have met them, excited to be shooting their wedding and excited to get home and edit the pictures!
This is exactly how I felt the Sunday that I shot Chloe and Neil's Engagement shoot... I had two shoots that day so had double the nerves but then got to go home with double the excitement... you'd think I'd have learnt by now but maybe the butterflies are a good thing... :)
Chloe and Neil... we had such a lovely afternoon with you pair and can't wait for your wedding!

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