Thursday, March 24, 2011

sarah and russell

Ohhh these two are cute. We love Sarah and Russell... not only for having the most lovely, relaxed and beautiful wedding but also because they absolutely adore each other... completely.
When I arrived at Sarah's friend's house in the morning Sarah was about to open a note from Russell... well it ended up a print out of every email they'd sent to each other... ahhhhhh! Sarah then got ready into her stunning Fur Coat No Knickers dress whilst her friends made up her bouquets in the living room and then packed her gorgeous little embroidery bag (a present from her Dad) with everything you could possibly imagine. That girl is prepared.
We all then headed off to Islington Town Hall where Russell and the rest of their guests were waiting. The ceremony kicked off with the most up beat reading (well song really!) with two of their friends singing a rendition of Paolo Nutini's 'Pencil full of lead'... everyone was clapping and smiling... I would recommend songs like that in every ceremony! Once they became Husband and Wife guests were given bubbly to celebrate whilst we popped outside to take a few photos before heading to the next venue...
...and what a venue! f you get the chance you have to go to Mosaica! When I pulled up I was intrigued as it looks like some old leisure centre but when you walk in... WOW! The funkiest restaurant awaits with twinkly lights, cool taxidermy and mismatch furniture...
We all then had the best buffet EVER and then all gathered around the stage for some beautiful and bloomin' emotional speeches! The night was then polished off with some nifty dancing to a fantastic live band!
I loved this wedding... just as much as I love Sarah and Russell... and that's a lot... :)

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