Tuesday, August 2, 2011

charlotte & dan

Charlotte and Dan were married in good old London Town... we started the the day at Charlotte's hotel and although the rain clouds threatened nothing was going to stop that wonderful smiley face of Charlotte's from beaming! She is like THE happiest bride. And her gorgeous multi-coloured dress matched her bright personality too and when she finished it off with the most wonderful flower headpiece I'm sure the sun thought he'd better join in the party!
We all then headed to Wandsworth town hall in a London bus (which would be the transport for the whole day) to meet Dan and THE most wonderful registrar.. seriously this smiling lark was catching. The ceremony was warm, funny and of course, smiley and as we headed outside for a big group photo the rain decided to make another little appearance.. so everyone hopped back on the bus with their cans of pimms and headed to a pub while I grabbed the couple for some shots in Battersea Park. Another short bus ride and we arrived at Bolingbroke Pub and was greeted with the most beautiful table settings of flowers, menus (designed by Dan) and name places with the worst jokes on the other side.. oh and the cutest little owl cake toppers!
Speeches were given (stood on benches) and food was eaten.. including the biggest chocolate cake I've ever seen and all in all everyone had caught the smiling bug. It was a lovely wedding from start to finish and Charlotte and Dan were such a beautiful couple... relaxed, happy and colourful... just like a wedding should be.

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