Friday, August 19, 2011


We're moving. Yep.. in the middle of peak wedding season we're moving house... in a week to be exact. This is probably the busiest I've ever been in my life but I'm so excited! We have a bigger house waiting for me to fill with all my stuff and I'm already pinteresting and designing each room to within an inch of it's life.

So many good things are happening right now and I'm worried that I haven't got time to take it all in and appreciate them... so I'm going to write them down.. I always like going back through old blog posts... especially one's like this from October 2009! You suddenly realise how much has changed!!

So fast forward to August 2011 and I definitely have a lot more 'good times' than bad....
  • My couples are ACE. Massive FACT.
  • Pete passed his driving test yesterday and I am so happy for him!
  • We're moving to a bigger house with a park next to it.
  • I'm a guest speaker at my all time favourite photographer's workshop (Feather Love) in September.
  • It's a month until I sit in my pj's for four days with my 'From Our Hearts' girls.
  • My hair is growing and is finally past my shoulders.
  • I am completly in love with my new website and am so excited to launch it in about a month! (watch this space!)
  • I get to watch Edward Sharpe and the magnetic Zero's at the end of the month.
  • I found another typewriter in a charity shop (that is now five we have in our house)
  • I think I actually might be organising an 'Emma Case couples' little party! (mental)
  • I get to work with my husband.
  • I have some very exciting projects coming up with another photographer, a designer and my album company :)
  • I'm doing a childrens play at Christmas which has Sign Language in it.
  • My friend is back from her travels in India (I missed her lots)
  • I've been married 5 months this Saturday... :)

I feel so lucky right now... and grateful... and happy...

Little Giveaway...
It's funny... whenever I get something through the post to do with the business... business cards, packaging etc it always really brings home how far we've come and today another batch of my little magnets arrived. I love these little magnets and they really do symbolize everything we've achieved.. sounds silly but amidst the chaos they really make me smile. So I thought I'd give a few away.. it's only a little token but I love getting something in the post so want to do the same for someone else... so if you'd like some cute little magnets for your fridge then leave a comment below and I will choose ten at random on Monday...

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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