Monday, December 26, 2011

My Girl.... Emma Case

Hey, Its Pete!
I have hijacked Emmas blog to post something I want to share with you lovely, lovely people. Some folk will know me as Emma's husband, the gurning, bearded, photo bombing toddler with tourettes. Others won't know or care that much. I just felt an overwhelming need to devote a post to my girl, my wife, my soul mate, my best friend ..... Emma Case.
We've been together for almost 6 years now. I am so so lucky to know a girl like Emma. She is an immense package of love, laughter, strength, talent, honesty, modesty and possesses the largest most generous heart anyone could wish to encounter.

Anna Hardy Photography

Steve Gerrard Photography

Turns out she thought I was alright, and we got ourselves married this year! Easily the best day of my life!
In my little round up speech on the day (fumble of words) I intended to devote a whole section to Emma. I'll be honest, I was a heady cocktail of nerves, excitement and on the verge of tears. In circumstances like this I usually look annoyed! So I never did give Emma the full devoted eulogy she deserved. It was to revolve around a note I had written to Emma about five months into our relationship. I think Emma was working on the night. In the note I had said, just how much I would miss her that night, that just lying next to her, talking, laughing and ...... (well this is a family post!) being around her, made the world a better place, that she made me want to be a better person, to chase dreams together, how easy and natural everything had felt the first time we met.
I'll spare you the sick bucket.... My speech would then conclude that I felt exactly the same after five years together...... Awwwwwww

Being a big believer in karma, and the "you get out what you put in" attitude to life, it really is no surprise to me how amazing Emma is at everything she does. She throws herself wholeheartedly, unapologetically and courageously into every element of her life. Be it acting and performing, sign language, support work or even photography ;-)
I don't think Emma realises just how much she means to me, how in awe of her I am. She brings so much love and energy to any situation. Emma carries this immense glow and presence around her, people are literally drawn to her and cannot help but fall in love with her! I am literally bursting with pride that she is being honoured with award nominations for her photography!

Yes we've had ups and downs this year, and yes we are in desperate need of a holiday! (four years and counting) but just knowing that I get to be with you, laughing, dancing, doing stupid voices, walking in the park, sharing experiences with our beautiful friends is the best thing in the world.
Thank you for everything!
Your Boy....
Pete xxx

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