Monday, January 2, 2012

2011... blimey!

So.... in 2011 we....
Photographed 40 weddings,
Shot and exhibited at both the Designer Vintage Bridal Fairs,
Went on two 'From Our Hearts' trips,
Shot Rachel Simpson's new collection,
Spoke alongside Noa (Featherlove), my all time favourite photographer at her London Workshop,
Won Best Regional Wedding Photographer for the Midlands and have been nominated for Best Newcomer in the Wedding Industry Awards (find out in Jan!),
Nominated for Best Wedding Photographer at the Wedding Ideas Awards (also find out in Jan!!)
Performed a five week run of 'The Lost Happy Endings' at the MAC in Birmingham,
Pete joined the business full time,
Moved house... aaaaaaaaand....

Shit me.

(Diana image by Joanna Brown)

We've also made the best friends anyone could ever make. A bunch of photographers, bloggers, designers, artists who have all come together because we love what we do and what each other does too. The support is incredible and I laugh, cry, learn and am constantly inspired by you all every day. We love you dearly and are so happy that you are a part of our lives.

I honestly thought our first year was pretty overwhelming but this second year has totally floored me in every. single. way. We've crammed a lot in but taking stock and seeing it all in front of you.. I can't really put it in to words. I'm looking up at my wallplanner at all our couples, thinking back to each of their wedding days. You guys mean the absolute world to me and Pete, we love being a part of your wedding.. we love watching you get married, we love seeing your nerves in the morning, we love our little walk in the afternoon to get some couple shots.. we love your families and we absolutely love that we get to give you memories of your day that you'll keep forever.. what a bloody amazing job and what a bloody amazing year.

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