Sunday, February 26, 2012

things are a changin'...

You may or may not have noticed already but there's about to be a few changes around here.. the blog has had a lovely little facelift thanks to the most wonderful and crazy talented Kelty (I love this lady a ton)  from The Weaver House (formally known as Steep Street) and now that I have such a pretty blog I promise to use it a whole lot more... scouts honour.  

A rebrand has been pretty overdue for a while (a very long while) but I'm really glad I've waited.  I know who I am as a photographer and where I want to go so much more now and feel excited and ready to embrace the next chapter... so watch this space for a brand new website, lots of weddings, a heap more personal stuff and some workshop and office news... it's all a bit bloody exciting!!
Think we might need a lie down.
Image of us by Featherlove

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