Tuesday, July 3, 2012

custard (wedding) factory..

Instagram taken by The Kilbs

So I don't think I officially said anything really about our office move.  It was just after the burglary back in March and we had been looking in to moving out of the (sit in your pyjamas all day) office at home.. but having all our stuff nicked gave us an even more important reason to have a secure, not connected to home, work space.  We also had the nicest people to share it with.  We met Shutterbox films (aka Lee and Dawn) back in January at a wedding (Pete will correct me here as he met Lee a few times before).. and we instantly fell in love with them.  Same sense of humour, same interests, music.. it was meant to be.. .. and now we share an office space.. and we LOVE it!

We moved in to the Custard Factory in Birmingham, a huge collection of artist spaces in the old Bird's factory in Digbeth and I can happily say that it's the best decision we've ever made.  We have a cool space that we look forward to coming to everyday, I have to be dressed with make-up on to work there, it's sociable, I can shut the door on it and go home, we have a super nintendo and can play Mario at lunchtimes, I have a designated place for all my office stuff, I actually have a decent size desk that actually fits my computer on, Pete gets to sit opposite me instead of at the kitchen table.. it's generally a whole lot better.. and sat here at my desk it really feels like this little business that we started in my Mum's spare room is actually getting somewhere and that's a really nice feeling..

We also thinking of changing it from the Custard Factory to the Wedding Factory as we have some lovely neighbours that include.. Steve Gerrard Photography, The Couture Company and from today.. the delectable Rock My Wedding!! Aghhhh we're taking over!!!! So if you find yourselves in Birmingham for any reason.. pop in for a brew... oh and a lap of Mario Kart..

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