Tuesday, July 17, 2012

let go...

Another wedding weekend bites the dust.  We photographed three gorgeous couples this past week.  All wonderfully warm, funny, genuine people.. such happy, relaxed in love boys and girls.  That's when I really love this job.. when the stiffness, the tension, the regiment is replaced with laughter, eyes filled with twinkles, connections, lots of fun but most of all.. when couples let go.

The best weddings for me by far are when couples let go.  They've spent months and months planning every last detail, what goes where, what happens when, when this is going to happen, what they're going to wear, what they're going to say.. a never ending spreadsheet of timings and instructions for the day to be perfect. It has to be perfect. The week before the wedding there seems to be a million and one jobs to do.. everyone wants to lend a hand, everyone has an opinion.. you have no idea if it's all going to work..

..but it will work.  And on the day you guys are no longer the wedding planners.  You're no longer the Event organiser.  You're the gig goer.. the participant.. the guest.  For this day to truly be perfect.. you have to enjoy it which means letting go.

When a Bride and Groom let go.. everyone else let's go too.  I hear laughter, I see smiles, I see emotion.. words may be fumbled over in the ceremony but with it brings laughter, tension disappears.. allowing us to feel more..

When a Bride and Groom let go.. they'll really hug their guests, they'll really hug each other, she'll not worry about the bottom of her dress, they'll throw some crazy shapes on the dance floor, they'll have guests who don't know each other making friends, they won't worry about the speeches, they won't worry about their hair, they won't worry about the weather...... they won't worry about anything.

When a Bride and Groom let go they see everything.  They see smiley faces as they walk down the aisle.. they see the person they're about to marry, they see the importance of saying their vows in front of everyone they love, they see all their friends and family having fun, they see how much love everyone has for them, they see how perfect their day is.

Allow yourselves to let go and your day will be perfect.  Promise.

Had to illustrate this post with a sneak from my dear friend Jemima's wedding to her gorgeous soul mate Phil. I blubbed like a total baby as she walked down the aisle.. 

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