Saturday, August 17, 2013

my secret..

Anna Hardy Photography

I've actually got a secret.

I constantly avoid shooting.

That sounds crazy right?  I'm a photographer.  I love shooting.. I love being creative.. I love creating images.. I love meeting people.. I love giving beautiful images.. I love telling stories.  But... I avoid it.

This probably doesn't make any sense as we shoot over 30 weddings a year.. but you see weddings are different.  Have you ever had to go somewhere and you were kinda nervous (well, bricking it) about going? Worried about performing well and delivering the goods? Maybe even dreaded it slightly?  Then once you got there it was pretty much the most awesome thing you've ever, ever experienced, you love every second, you love everyone you meet and you wondered how on earth you ever felt worried about it in the first place?!? Well.. that's me.

I'm now kinda used to it with weddings and have to remind myself every Saturday morning how amazing I'm gonna feel in approximately two hours when I'm getting emotional watching my Bride get in to her wedding dress.. and then watching her marry her boy.. (maaaaan it really is the BEST thing in the world).. and what I've realised is that it's just fear.. and it's a good thing.. so long as it doesn't stop you from doing things.

But it has stopped me.  Opportunities to shoot outside weddings.. my first reaction is always.. we're too busy.  Yes we are busy.. and yes we're really busy over the Summer (and we're working on that for next year) but deep down I know that what I'm actually saying is "I'm too scared to shoot you".  I immediately have the fear.. I have to deliver.. I have to shoot well, I have to make them feel comfortable, I have to direct, where are we gonna shoot?, what's the light gonna be like? What happens if I freeze?  What happens if the images are no good? It's then all too easy for me to convince myself that I'm too busy.  It makes my life that little bit easier.

But that's shit isn't it.

And you know what.. the times that I have ignored that fear and said yes.. it's been pretty much the most awesome thing I've ever, ever experienced, I've loved every second, I loved everyone I met and I wondered how on earth I felt worried about it in the first place.

So I'm going to stop closing myself off to things.  I'm going to start saying yes.  I'm not going to be scared to shoot.. I'm not going to be 'too busy'.. because when you open yourself up you experience more, you share, you feel and you create the most incredible memories.. not only for the people you are photographing.. but for us too.

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