Thursday, August 8, 2013

spinnin' around..

I'm not gonna lie.. July was crazy town.  It was probably one of the busiest months we've ever had with weddings that literally book ended the country every week.. up to The Lakes and back.. back up to the Lakes the following week.. down to Rye in Kent.. up to the West coast of Scotland.. then Worcester.. Kent.. Surrey.  We are Service Station connoisseurs.. Premier Inn regulars.

Fridays are travel days.. shoot the wedding Saturday.. drive home that night.. Sunday lie like broccoli amongst camera bags and unpacked overnight bags (literally I am fit for nutin').. then try and cram in culling, editing (a lot of weddings), backing up, emails, enquiries, blogging, invoicing, sending weddings to blogs, meeting couples, Engagement Shoots.. (oh and try to still see friends and not ignore every text that I get - sorry guys).. all before Friday smacks us in the face again. No, but seriously Monday to Thursday reeeeeeeally isn't long enough.. AT ALL.

Oh and let's just decide to sell our house too shall we? In peak wedding season?  With only two weekends off until November?  Ohhhh go on then!

I am officially mental.

Ps. Pete read this post and said that I sound like I'm moaning.. hmmmm.. I suppose I am a bit.. but not with the work.. the weddings have been super duper spine tinglingly awesome.. it's just the distinct lack of enough days in the week that's the problem.

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