Wednesday, July 14, 2010

articulating ourselves...

This is my first post where I'm expressing my opinion and I am actually pondering a) whether to write it and b) what's going to come out as I type but I have a fire feeling in my belly which means I have to let it out... so lets see what happens...
Over the past few weeks I have been told about or witnessed quite a bit of negativity regarding my photographs. I really want to stress at this point that this post isn't about how hurt I was or how much it has dented my confidence as actually I've surprised myself with how much it hasn't effected me in this way. The real issue is the subject of art... both in photography and politeness.
When I was looking for a wedding photographer for myself I couldn't find the kind of photography that was in my head so I decided to take the kind of photos I liked, nothing to do with anyone else... it was my art. It just so happened that a few other people had the same sort of thing in their heads too... hence my little photography business started.
For me, photography is about feeling. I absolutely adore with all my heart capturing the emotion and the feeling of a moment and to have the freedom of creativity. Actually the more I'm learning about the scientific side of photography (the technical side) the more I'm able to play with the creative side (getting a good sunflare took a bit of practice!) so I feel that I'm in a good place. I'd hate to have the technical side down but not be able to stop 'thinking' and start 'feeling'.
But I also have to accept that art goes hand in hand with opinion and not everyone will like or get what you do as an artist.... I actually felt quite empowered that people had taken the time to voice their opinion and that I didn't crumble over it. In fact I felt confident in my own art... I think it's easy to feel confident when you receive a lot of positive feedback but it can be very different when it's negative... I felt quite proud of my own acceptance.
I personally have styles of photography that I like and some that really isn't my cup of tea but I don't feel the need to comment on how much I dislike it... I simply move on to the next website or blog and look at things I like... same with anything... films, music, books.. I just don't feel the need to get angry at things that are different. But there seems to be a small minority that are somehow threatened by something different... but there is room for all of us, all of our styles and we should embrace our differences... it would be pretty dull if we were all the same!
The one other thing I do want to mention is the effect that a negative comment on someone's wedding pictures can have. Those photographs are a reminder of their wonderful, emotional, beautiful and most precious day so to comment negatively and publicly can't be very nice for the couple to see... I think sometimes we forget that these are real people that we're photographing...
So what is this post really about?.... I'm not really sure... maybe about following your heart, being more open and accepting, being true to what you believe in, listening to your own inspiration or simply just Emma having a rant.... whatever it is it feels good :)

I thought I better balance this post with a photo so here's me and my boy in a lift in France.

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