Tuesday, July 20, 2010

sally & matt

Sally and Matt are made for each other. No, really, they actually are. Sally Taylor and Matt... Taylooor (see I told you) met at Sally's Dad's church in Quinton... Sally's Dad was the vicar there and Matt's parents got married there... and Sally and Matt have now also got married there and Sally's Dad walked his daughter up the aisle and then married them both. How cool!
Sally and Matt got in touch as Matt works with Ruth (who is not only a friend but the first bride I photographed last October)...and me and Pete met up with them at a local pub and the four of us drank cider and got on like a house on fire... I knew this was gonna be a good wedding... and it was. Not only did they have their reception in a tipi (yipee) but both Sally and Matt's families are beyond wonderful. They are so gorgeously close and warm that the whole day was just such a happy, easy going, fun and precious celebration.
Sally got ready at her parents house and then walked up the road to the church and although we were asked not to take pictures through the ceremony, we watched as the next Taylor generation were married with a few funky music interludes from the band and a gorgeous reading from Matt's Mum who had the same reading read at their service.
They then all boarded a London bus to take them up to the tipi which stood on a farm where Sally's Dad used to go every weekend when he was a boy (how cute)... it was just sooo lovely and relaxed. Guests were playing cricket or sat drinking on the grass and then we had high tea consisting of finger sandwiches, cupcakes and tea followed by some cracking speeches.
A fantastic buffet was served early evening and we were able to sneak the bridal party off for some shots in the beautiful evening sun. The evening was finished off with a fabulous photobooth and lots and lots of dancing. Oh and quite a few people camped... including the bride and groom (if you look at the last picture... the bridal suite is the very small tent in the middle!)
I also want to add a huge, huge thank you to my very first Second Shooter Ms Debs Ivelja. It was my first time bringing anyone other than Pete with me and I was actually pretty nervous but it was brilliant! Debs is a bloomin' wonderful photographer and we had such a great day! She's wonderfully talented, a great friend and such a sweet, sweet person. Go check out her blog :)

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