Monday, July 5, 2010

katie & john

Katie and John both grew up in a gorgeous little village called Clare in Suffolk and from Katie's house you can see John's.... but they only got together when John plucked up the courage to go to one of Clare's house parties... they got talking and the rest is as they say... history.
I met up with them both in Birmingham just before they went off to watch 'Flight of the Conchords' and walked away saying to Pete how lucky I was to get such great, like-minded and beautiful couples! On top of all that their wedding reception was being held in a giant tipi in a field full of wild flowers.... *little celebratory dance*
We drove down that morning leaving sunny Birmingham and drove through the fattest rain cloud on the way down but assured ourselves it was heading in the opposite direction... (I expect you can see where this one's headed)... when I arrived it was lovely and clear and then a quick light shower, then dry, then a bit more rain, then dry, rain, dry, rain, dry, heavy rain, dry.... aghhhhh... stop. it. now.
The ceremony was held at the most beautiful Clare Priory and then we all headed up to Coppins Farm where the grand tipi greeted us and we all tucked in to a hearty buffet and made sure we enjoyed the sun when it did decide to join in with the party... the field of wild flowers was absolutely beautiful so we couldn't pass up the opportunity of getting some photos and a few attempts of dashing out and back again when the rain eased followed!
The day was finished off with one of the bridesmaids playing some pretty amazing music on the decks and everyone dancing in heels or wellies!
It was such a great day and in the end it really didn't matter one bit about the rain... everyone had a ball and Katie and John had all the people that meant the world to them sharing their wonderful day... I'm really grateful I was able to be a part of it... thanks guys!

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