Thursday, March 21, 2013

sneak peek and falling in love..

Saturday morning I'm going to be totally honest.. I had the fear. We hadn't shot a wedding for quite a while and we were about to jump in to a double wedding weekend.. and I knew that the next time we would be coming up for air would be around.. well.. October time.  It felt slightly overwhelming.. and you 100% feel the anticipation and the weight of the amount of responsibility that you're carrying.. I definitely felt it that morning..

48 hours, two weddings and 5000 images later and I am star shaped on my hotel bed.. totally exhausted and indescribably happy.  After Saturday's wedding me and Pete walked back to the car with all our gear and I turned to Pete and said 'I was made to shoot weddings'... coming away from this weekend I can't stop smiling.. we watched two couples so excited about getting married, so excited to have everyone they love around them and all their guests literally giddy to be a part of it.. every single person made us feel so welcome.. we laughed and cried and danced and captured everything.. we didn't want to miss a thing.. and that's the best part.. looking back over the images I can't help but feel so incredibly lucky, blessed.. (whatever the right word is).. to be able to be a part of it.

We hadn't actually met Tamara and Jonno in person before Saturday but looking through their images I can see Tamara.. the way she uses her hands, her mannerisms.. I can see Jonno.. the way he talks and smiles.. I know them.. and in just one day, it might sound silly but we totally fall in love with them... and I know why.. because each and every one of our couples have the most incredible sweet hearts that we just can't help it..

The fear has now been completely replaced with pure giddy excitement and now I just cannot wait to get to know more sweet couples and fall in love with them too...

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