Monday, March 18, 2013

two years..

Two years ago today we got married.. on one hand it only feels like yesterday and on the other it feels like a lifetime ago.. I remember everything.. our first look.. Pete forgetting the rings.. laughing and crying through the ceremony, chugging along the water on our canal boat, the sunshine pouring through the windows, decorating the hall before everyone arrived, the nerves pretending it was my Birthday party, the screams when we walked in in our wedding outfits, the tears.. all the smiling faces.. the sweaty dancing and the love... so much love literally thrown at us from everyone..

I still can't seem to say the word 'husband' without giggling first and then feeling this enormous sense of pride. Every time I look at him I actually cannot believe how lucky I am. I simply adore the guy.  A week before the wedding Pete finished at his old job and this little business became officially 'ours'.. and that's what it is.. this business is 'us'... it's not me... it's not my business.. we are a complete team and over the past 2 years we've looked after our couples together... we've road tripped every weekend together..we've shot weddings together.. we've planned workshops together.. we've moved to an office space together.. we've made decisions together and I wouldn't want it any other way.

I adore sharing this huge, exciting and incredible adventure with this crazy guy.  He gives the best hugs.. he loves to dance.. he sometimes laughs so hard he sounds like Mutley.. he burps ALL the time.. and sometimes forgets that they're loud and that he is in a public place.. he's a bloody amazing cook.. he totally brings the party, he has an incredible set of pipes, he has me crying laughing, he can chat to anyone, his eyes are the most beautiful blue and he supports me in every single thing I do.

Pete I would marry you over and over again.. you are the absolute nuts.

Emma & Pete from cine8 on Vimeo.

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