Monday, March 4, 2013

life lately..

We've had a pretty lovely February.. we've finally come to the end of the epic 'paint all the things' house makeover. It's taken us about 6 weeks to paint everything, get a new kitchen floor.. new carpet.. have a HUGE clear out and get pictures up on the walls.  There is still a few 'little' jobs to finish but it finally feels like home and that feeling is absolutely incredible..

Feb also gave us a bit of time to just chill..we hung out at home..bought some new clothes (I'm kinda feeling the aztec thing this year), ate well, went to hot yoga, played with some new cameras, shot quite a bit of personal stuff and my second article (about branding this time) appeared in Photo Pro Magazine.. yey!

We then had the pleasure of heading down to Brighton for a few days for a shoot involving some friggin' awesome shoes.. (which I'll be talking about very soon).. we were there for just 3 days and had the most incredible luck of being graced with sunshine for the whole trip.  We both really needed it and came back refreshed and so, so happy..

Life is, once again going to start getting a lot more hectic from now on as wedding season is about to kick in. I am determined more than ever for this year to be filled with good times in and out of work.. I want to keep exercising, eating well, taking the normal amount of days off a week and making more memories for us.. I'm really looking forward to the year ahead..

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