Wednesday, July 31, 2013

all change..

A few weeks ago we had our lovely friends The Starks come and visit us for a few days.  They are both photographers living in Canada and our friendship has been a pretty incredible one that saw us all meet before we were photographers.. and then has grown side by side in some weird and wonderful parallel journey..

The morning they were due to leave they asked if we would mind if they took some photos of us both in our house.  We'd all been talking about what our plans for the future were and both me and Pete had said that we were at a point where lots of things were about to change.  We've been in our little house for 7 years now but we think it's finally time to find a new.. bigger one.  One where we can work from and possibly start a family.

Jenn and Dave have given us something so incredibly special.  We constantly talk about the importance of giving photographs but for us these are so much more.  They show us how happy we are.. how much we've grown.. how far we've come and how excited we are about our future together. They show us in our home.. the home we started this little business.. the home where I got ready on our wedding day.. the home where Maximo was born in the bottom of the wardrobe.

We cannot say thank you enough to Jenn and Dave.. (even though they were super sneaky recording us talking).. we will treasure this gift forever...

emma & pete from Jenn & Dave Stark on Vimeo.

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