Tuesday, July 2, 2013


10 things I learnt on holiday.
1. Holidays are good and we should have more of them.
2. If I can't speak the language I either put on a weird accent and/or start using British Sign Language in  an attempt to get my point across.
3. 42 degrees is the equivalent of having a hairdryer constantly pointed at your face.
4. My shins never goes brown.
5. I can actually love Pete more.
6. Some women are made of lava. (One woman sat out ALL day sunbathing in the 42 degree heat. Mentalist.)
7.  Your business will not disappear, fail, crumble, die if you go away for a week.
8. Waiters are people too.  I already knew this but it turns out some other people don't.
9. I'm pretty good at haggling... :)
10. You don't need to look at your phone when you wake up, when you're on the toilet, after you get out the shower, in-between mouthfuls or when you've just finished looking at your phone.

We decided not to take our main cameras as we wanted a proper break and we'd had a few warnings about taking photos in the square so we took a few of our other guys instead..

Say hello to Pete's fisheye..

..my £4.99 point and shoot.. (who I love).. 

..my yummy Cadet (similar to a Diana).. 

..and of course a few iPhone photies too..


The (blurred) photo below is of me, Pete, Mohammed (one of our lovely waiters at the hotel).. and a guy called KING TEA! Mohammed took us to meet him and we had the BEST Moroccon tea whilst being taught about an array of spices.. I love King Tea.

I think someone definitely missed us while we were away... chatting away and constant cuddles since we returned..

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