Tuesday, July 9, 2013

ellie and david {wedding}

Ellie and David.. a wedding fit to bursting with smiles and (so much) laughing and singing and bear hugs.. a wedding where both me and Pete stood amongst their family and friends and felt truly at home and so, so privileged to be a part of.  

We met Ellie and David a few weeks before for their Engagement Shoot (or practice shoot as Ellie called it).. and we all laughed.. A LOT.. which if you spend any time with David you know that this is pretty much standard.  I've never known someone to laugh so wonderfully and freely and to literally pick everyone up around him for the ride.  Together they are amazing and after 12 years as a couple I see such a team.. two people that support the other but at the same time encourage them to be the absolute best that they can be.

Putting this blog post together I said to Pete just how much this is us.  A wedding full of people.. full of emotion.. full of the important details.. but most importantly.. full hearts.


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