Friday, June 11, 2010

Alex and Claire

Alex and Claire are getting married in August and Alex is my best friend's boyfriend's brother so I know them both pretty well and am ridiculousely excited about their wedding as I know what our nights out can be like when we all go out together! Sometimes a special treat is Claire's interesting rendition of "Oh, wouldn't it be lovely" in a cockney accent...she's actually very Northern (that's usually nearer the end of the night).
Alex called me about a month back asking if we could do some pictures for their invites and that they had a few ideas (brilliant).... I arrived at their house and they were both dressed in full 1950's get up and had the table set ready for their photo shoot! Love it! They wanted to try and do the '1950's how to be a good housewife' thing and they really got in to it... I LOVE couples like that... no I really mean it... L..O..V..E.. couples... L..O..O..V...E them!
You can also head over to the newly tattooed arm lady aka Rock 'n Roll Bride right now to see the session blogged there too :) Cheers lovely Kat!

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