Thursday, June 3, 2010

featherlove (her so much!)

Anyone who reads my blog or my tweets will know the complete and utter major photography (ok... overall) crush I have on Noa aka Featherlove. Give me two minutes on the subject of photography and I will have mentioned her and her stupidly amazing, engulfingly inspirational work. I just can't help it. But I just know that as soon as you see her photos... you will love her too so I like sharing the love... it's a good thing.
I am now officially calling this week "Featherlove week" as I have two lovely things to share with you to which I am still a little overwhelmed by them both...
Firstly, lovely Rosie Parsons asked if I would like to interview Noa for The Photography Parlour... I bloody jumped at the chance and you can read the full interview here....

Then back in April I actually got to meet Noa. She came over with her husband's band ASTRA and me and Pete did an Enagagement shoot with her which was so amazing.... and she literally sent me the photos yesterday and I cannot get over how much I love them. Not only because of the colours and the composition and the feel and the beauty of them but also because to me they are the story of my own photography... what I love, how I feel, what inspires me, who I love... all in one picture. I am honestly going to treasure them forever.
You can see all of the pictures on Featherlove's blog which includes the sweetest write up by the lady herself and you can also head over to Rock 'n Roll Bride as Kat blogged them too (in sync with eachother!)
Here are two of my favourite shots from the shoot... these are going on my wall :)

Love love love love crazy love.......

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