Tuesday, June 22, 2010

kelly & john

Kelly and John's gorgeous farm wedding took place at the most welcoming and friendly Beechenhill Farm in Derbyshire.  Me and Pedro (Pete) had come up a few weeks before to meet them both and we had a lovely lunch and then had a wander around the farm, looking out over the stunning Derbyshire Dales, playing with the dogs and getting electrocuted by an electric fence (yep that was me... got a bit excited about the rolling hills and decided to go have a look... interesting sensation)
We arrived in the morning driving up from Birmingham with the weather getting considerably worse the further up we went... grrrr... and as we looked over at the Derbyshire Dales a few cows dotted the very misty horizon.  Kelly wasn't fazed at all simply saying that she was getting outside to do some couple shots later regardless... my kind of bride!!
Kelly wore the Francine wedding dress from Berketex (adapted by her good self!) which was absolutely bloomin' stunning on her and added a gorgeous Royal Blue sash and brooch with matching Royal blue shoes. Her boooootiful hair accessory was also made by Kelly (she should start her own business)!  John looked pretty dapper himself with a gorgeous soft navy suit with grey tie and braces (love the braces) and added the obligatory straw hat whenever he could!
The beautiful ceremony was held upstairs in the barn with gorgeous fairy lights and bunting watching over us and as Kelly walked in with her Dad, John's brother played 'Evergreen' on the piano and I think everyone got a bit choked.
All the flowers were made by her lovely Mum (another business right there) and the food... whoah! They went for a picnic theme with mini pies, crunchy salads, couscous... with scones and chocolate brownies for dessert... ohh my mouth's watering just thinking about it... oh and a gorgeous array of cupcakes all provided by the lovely Jose Raine (seriously... best food ever).
As everyone sat with contented tummies speeches were given, including a little song from Kelly and John's two cats (sung by her Dad, not the cats) and just at the right time the clouds parted and we were able to head outside (yipeeeee!)
The evening was finished off by the fab band Skidoo 52 with a special collaboration with Kelly's Dad singing a Frank Sinatra number to his daughter, oh and a very funny photo booth (check me out going back to my Scouse roots).
Kelly and John... it was such an absolutely wonderful day and Kelly you seriously need to be considering wedding planning... the barn looked AMAZING!
Oh and a big, big thank you to Sue and all her fabulous team at Beechenhill for doing the most fantastic job!  You were so lovely to work with and I would recommend you guys to everyone!

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