Monday, June 7, 2010

feeling connected...

Hello fellow photographers... this is a post all about us and our amazing relationship because this past week for some reason I am really aware of how crazy strong our bond seems to be.
I would probably say that I have quite an active social life... I have fantastic friends, some I've known for years, some a lot newer and all of whom I love with all my heart. I then have this other world... my photography world... the world of images and blogs and comments and fans and tweets and pages and links and posts.... and friends. Friends who I talk to every day, friends who share their work, friends who inspire me to be more. I sit here at my computer 8, 10, 14 hours a day (what was I saying about my active social life...) and the amount of love that circulates this funny little world in front of me is so special, so encouraging that I really don't want to take it for granted even for a second and I feel so very privileged to be part of it.
I've received a number of emails lately from other photographers from the UK and some from around the world (very surreal)... some saying hi, really like your stuff, some saying that I've inspired them in some way, some asking how I do things. First of all... this is NUTS! I email photographers all the time saying how much I love their work and that they completely inspire me and what the hell are they doing in photoshop to make their photos look like that?? I'm the student right now desperate to learn as much as I can, wanting to sit next to them at their desk or hold their bags while they shoot! But I suppose we all inspire each other in some way... that's what is so bloomin' great about our gorgeous little community. Secondly, receiving an email or a message saying that you like my stuff gives me the most sparkly, fuzzy, butterflies in my tummy feeling.. it's just the best and it spurs me on to work even harder and to ignore all the 'Everyone is better and you can't do it' moments. So thank you, thank you, thank you for being there and keeping me company in our little photography world but also thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me lots of nice sparkly butterflies.

I just wanted to add that there are also lots of bloggers/readers/brides to be that have also shown amazing support and are also just as much a part of the a big thank you to you too... :)

How good would it be to one day do a mammoth trip all around the world meeting everyone!

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