Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Joanna Brown Photography

It's funny.. when I first started this photography business I felt completely fearless.. I wasn't afraid to do things my way.. to push it.. to choose the opposite road.. to be myself.  But as our first year turned to two.. then three.. and now we're hitting our fourth year.. this fearlessness is harder to hold.  You get comfortable knowing you can do your job.. you know you can do it well.. you know where the shots are.. you know the ebb and flow.. you want to be consistent.. you want to keep being wanted... you're doing well.. why rock the boat?

You're busy.. you shoot things.... you now and then play it a bit safer.. and then you stop.  You tell yourself to open your eyes.. to shake things up.. to be completely fearless again..

Making that leap is always easier the first time.. you've got nothing to lose.. nothing to prove.. the second leap is always the hardest..

It's time to be fearless again..

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