Monday, February 11, 2013

..words of wisdom..

Recently I've been drawn to writing posts that offer some sort of advice.. whether that be to Photographers or to couples getting married.. and it recently occured to me that actually quite a few readers of my blog are couples who are already married.. who have enjoyed a wedding day.. and they themselves, through their own experiences.. probably have a few words of wisdom that they would want to pass on to others. So I wanted to give YOU guys an opportunity to pass on any words of wisdom that you may have to other Bride and Groom's who are yet to enjoy their wedding day.

So, now that the day is over.. is there anything you wish you could change or wish you knew beforehand? What little things helped you on the day? Is there anything that you would definitely recommend? Anything you wouldn't do?  Anything you didn't realise until the day? Any handy tips? It could be to do with the schedule or the run up, the photography or your entertainment.. it could even be top tips that just made the day itself easier...

If you do have something you'd like to share then add it to the comments below and hopefully we'll end up with a great resource of advice and tips for any couple about to get married..

I think I'll start.. ;)

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