Tuesday, February 12, 2013

rebecca and dave {wedding}

Re-living this wedding makes my heart warm and fuzzy and so amazingly full.  This day, this beautiful part of Cornwall.. this gorgeous little family has left an impression on my heart forever and looking at these photographs makes me so, so grateful to be able to do this job.

Their day was exactly what it should be about.. about love.. about them.. and about the family they had made together.  They married at Lamorran Gardens overlooking the sea and then kids with bare feet and sausage rolls squished in tiny hands played hide and seek amongst the huge plants in their beautiful gardens.

We then headed to the beach where trousers were rolled up.. pretty dresses were switched to 'sand friendly' attire and ice creams were licked sat on picnic benches on the top of the hill watching the sea slowly cover the beach..

There was such a beautiful sense of ceremony.. everyone getting ready in their outfits in the morning.. understanding the importance of what was to come.. but at the same time such a wonderful normality where kids were free to play.. bums were soggy from sitting on the sand and because the cafe where we were all supposed to have dinner was closing earlier than we realised.. everyone settled for ice-cream and cake instead.. well.. who wouldn't? ;)

Rebecca and Dave.. you have such a beautiful, beautiful family and it was a total honour to hang out with you all on your wedding day.. we could've stayed all week.. :)

Pete also shot some yummy Super 8 too.. how cute is this!!...

Rebecca&Dave Super8 Wedding from Emma Case on Vimeo.

Oh and this picture was in our thank you card.. Sebastian drew it of us photographing the day.. with the Power Rangers.. obvs..

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